I’m not sure where this fits in terms of pure web design. Probably doesn’t,.. but it uses Flash and it’s on the web. Whatever the case, it certainly fits nicely in ‘whoAA!! that’s awesome!‘ category, which is enough for me.

Apparently the project was a collaboration between 15 artist/designers, between them contributing a total of 45 frames which were then stitched together in Flash. There’s a HTML version for the ‘Flash-challenged‘ too.

Makes you think that Bosch would have really got into Flash.

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  • http://www.sigma3w.com CodeLes

    Nice… That is pretty neat in my book.

  • http://www.lowter.com charmedlover

    I’ve seen this before and I’ve always been fascinated by it. I’ve heard a de-compile of how it was most likely done, but I still find it amazing.

  • http://www.circle.co.nz nzgfxguru

    Wow, simply amazing.

    Thanks for that link Alex.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.hurtdidit.com hurtdidit

    WOW is right…I can only imagine how much time that must have taken to create and assemble. The level of detail is incredible! I’ve zoomed through it four times now, and still keep finding new details I hadn’t noticed before (I particularly like the two doors: “Fun” and “Salvation”).


  • medicated

    ARrggghh. Thats fabulous. I love it when people find interesting uses for flash. Rarely do I come across anyhthing that is this cool. Its one thing to make this in flash, but completely another to design and draw it all out. Wow..

  • http://www.thepariahpress.com hawkshango

    This reminds me of the movie, “What Dreams May Come”. It’s so surreal.

  • scattermachine

    This is definitely awesome.

    I think that M.C. Escher would approve, if he were available – to provide a value judgement.

    Yummy, indeed.

  • kellycherie13

    I can’t get any of the links in this article to work with the exception of the Bosch link.
    Have they moved?? Is it possible to view them?

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