Inserting an Element then Cloning it using jQuery

Sam Deering

This is an example of using the jQuery.clone() function which some of you might not have heard of. It’s pretty simple to use and basically just copies the element you specify. In this example it creates 2 identical sidebars one on left and one on right saying “WEBPAGE-PREVIEW”. Which could be handy for showing clients that the webpage is only a preview. Changing CSS with jQuery is pretty easy to do! :)

Webpage Preview Example

The code

Just run the code in Firebug on jQuery4u homepage to see it in action.

(function ($) {
	var containerHTML = '<div class="preview">W E B P A G E - P R E V I E W</div>';
		'background-color': '#DDDDDD','position': 'fixed','font-family': 'times new roman','text-wrap': 'suppress','padding': '10px','font-size': '20px','width': '20px','height': '100%','z-index': '1000','font-weight': 'bold','opacity': '0.7','vertical-align': 'middle','border': '5px solid red'
	/* clone to right */
	$('.preview').clone().css({'position': 'fixed', 'right': '0'}).prependTo('body');

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