I’ve always found that when looking for new web design inspiration it’s always best for me to look outside the web design field. For instance, in the last week I’ve taken little ideas from 30’s pulp fiction covers, 50’s holiday postcards and art noveau magazine ads. Tracking it all down does take some time though.

With that in mind, I was blown away when Kev sent through a link to Drawn.ca — a new collaborative weblog featuring the global latest and greatest in illustration, cartooning and other artwork.

Although Drawn.ca only began life in early March, it’s already set a cracking pace. After 30 minutes of enjoyable browsing last night I wandered home. This morning when I refreshed my browser I was amazed to find nine new posts in the intervening time.

Is that a blog or an instant messenger you have there?

Regardless, very cool stuff.

Alex manages design and front end development for sitepoint.com and is SitePoint's Design and UX editor.

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  • http://www.thirdweb.com MM3

    Thanks a million for the link Alex. You can literally get lost following all the illustration and artwork links. The site is showcasing some extraordinary talent. Very inspirational… Thanks Again!

  • http://www.nasi.com trigger


    is absolutely stunning for retro pieces, check it out!

  • Ecatwmn

    Thanks for the cool link, I’ve been looking for sites like this one!

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