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Plans Price Per Month
Business Class Hosting from $5.99/month
WordPress Hosting $5.95/month
VPS Hosting $39.95/month
Dedicated Servers $199.95/month
Features Specifications
Min disk space allowed Unlimited
Min Bandwidth Allowed Unlimited
Addon domains 2
Free Domain yes
Free site builder yes
CGI/BIG Access yes
SSI Access yes
FTP Access yes
HTTPS Support yes


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InMotion Hosting is a US-based hosting company in their tenth year of service. With dual data centers in Marina Del Rey, CA and Virginia Beach, VA, they’re one of the few providers that truly offers coast-to-coast hosting. InMotion’s multiple locations and it’s impressive product variety makes it one of the most flexible, accommodating hosts in the industry.

InMotion doesn’t just make sure you get what you pay for; they also make sure that you pay only for what you need. Not everyone requires multiple domains, massive amounts of disk space, unlimited databases and heavy-duty bandwidth. Rather than over-selling customers on more hosting than required, InMotion offers minimal plans for as low as $3 per month. As a bonus, all customer support staff is US-based – a rarity with providers at this price point.

InMotion Hosting Highlights

InMotion offers many of the usual hosting basics, including gigabytes of disk space and bandwidth, multiple email accounts and dozens of installable scripts. They also offer some unusual services that go above and beyond the average web host.

A Large Variety of Products and Prices – InMotion’s varied hosting packages scale up and down better than almost any host. Their most economical plan has a rock-bottom price tag, and they offer stronger services that graduate to virtual private servers and even dedicated physical servers. Some hosts target the high end or the low end of the market, but InMotion covers the full spectrum of hosting products. So, if you ever need to scale your hosting up or down, InMotion offers the flexibility of a wide range of hosting firepower.

Prestigious, Legitimate Awards – While it seems that most web hosts have a multitude of awards to boast, they often receive them too easily from organizations that exist solely to give out such credentials. InMotion might have a few of these easily-won awards (and they’re certainly not alone), but they also have some very reputable ones from well-known groups like CNET and the Better Business Bureau. InMotion’s bona fide awards carry much more prestige than those from award-happy websites who do literally nothing but hand out shiny gold badges to nearly anyone who wants them. (InMotion has also partnered with well-known brands like Dell, Intel, Cisco and Cox, according to their company information.)

Serious Speed – InMotion has “Max Speed Zones” that utilize their two data centers to serve your website from the closest possible location. The vast majority of web hosts have one giant data center, and if you (or your customers) aren’t very close to it, expect slow loading times that frustrate customers and even hurt your search engine rankings. With InMotion, your website is smartly served from nearby, resulting in your data traveling a shorter physical distance and faster, snappier page loads.

Common Consultancies – InMotion offers a lot more than just hosting; they also offer services centered around custom web design, business development, eCommerce, SEO and social media. If you imagine the tedium of evaluating and hiring different consultants for each of these areas, it could take tons of time and still not get you the desired results. But, if you use InMotion’s services, you’re using your existing relationship with your host, and you can skip all of the interviews, phone calls and back-and-forth emails involved with separate, stand-alone consultants. The fact that InMotion’s employees already know their way around their own hosting (and your own website) makes the process even smoother, allowing you to remove yourself from website management and get back to the real purpose of your project.


InMotion Hosting Services

InMotion Weaknesses

InMotion does have a few notable shortfalls. While their limits on disk space and bandwidth are set very high (100GB and 1GB/month respectively), most hosts offer an infinite about of both. Very few would ever hit these limits, but it still begs the question “Why can’t they offer unlimited bandwidth and file space like everyone else? Also, InMotion’s “About Us” page states “We have broken and fixed just about everything web site hosting related that can be broken and fixed.” Fixing hosting problems is definitely commendable, but “breaking” websites is a little scary-sounding for a prospective customer.

In addition, their “Max Speed Zones” are only located on the east and west coasts of the US, so it’s mostly a perk for American customers. Although the west coast location would be better for Asian websites, and the east coast location for European/African websites, the speed boost is still mostly designed to benefit North American audiences. So, don’t expect huge speed increases from Australia or Switzerland.

InMotion Hosting Hacked

On September 25th, 2011, InMotion hosting and their 700,000 customers were hacked, by someone calling themselves tigher-m@te. Some websites had their files overwritten, and images deleted causing a lot of headaches for website owners. Despite this glitch, we highly recommend InMotion Hosting and are assured that their security processes have been improved, making it almost impossible for this same hack to be executed again.

InMostion Hosting Uptime & Reliability

Since January 12th, 2007, the InMotion website has been accessible 99.98% of the time according to one source. Another independent service, reports 99.835% availability since they began monitoring in November of 2005. As an example, in November 2011, the site was down for only 31 minutes as measured over 5500+ access attempts (that’s 99.928% uptime).


Overall, InMotion offers an impressive variety of price points and products, and they also have some truly unique features that you won’t find elsewhere. Customers based in the United States – especially coastal customers – are assured of speedy websites at affordable rates.

But, that speed is mostly meant for North American websites; foreign websites likely won’t notice any difference in speed. Additionally, limitations on disk space, bandwidth and FTP accounts may disappoint all customers, regardless of their continent.

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InMotion Hosting Reviews

InMotion Hosting has one of the highest satisfaction rates on the Internet — nearly all customer reviews are positive, especially calling out their excellent US-based customer support. Aside from the occasional peeved off customer, the majority of people have nothing but good things to say about the company, their policies and their service.

“I have many sites on servers; everything from their budget plans to dedicated servers. They all run quickly and with no downtime.”

“Before I found InMotion Hosting I was paying my ISP 3 times as much money for less disk space and bandwidth. With InMotion, I not only get more for my hard earned dollars, I actually am able to talk to a live support technician on the phone, instead of being on hold for what seems like an eternity.”

“Since I switched to InMotion hosting a few years ago, I have not once regretted it. In fact it has been one of the best choices I have made, not only for myself, but my clients as well.”