Hodge Podge of Links


Some interesting articles I came across today taking a break from a mind-numbing documentation project…

Two useful articles on Linux.com covering firewalls and Mono (the latter of particular interest to me as I am just building it for the first time on one of my development servers):

Linux Firewall Primer and Installing and Configuring Mono.

Also – as I try to watch for new open source projects on Windows as well as for my primary Linux/OS X environment – discovered a new sftp and scp-supporting package for the Windows desktop – scp being particularly nice as it is unavailable using the most popular Putty.

Check out WinSCP at Sourceforge.

Finally – I would recommend a book out for a year or so on network security practices for production environments. It includes good coverage of the use of DMZ’s – something which should find its way into smaller environments as well as medium and large web deployments.

Check it out here.

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  • mike

    I really like Filezilla, how to the 2 compare?

  • http://www.practicalapplications.net bwarrene

    I must confess I have not used Filezilla as of yet. But you being the fifth person to ask me through various conversations during the last month or so – I am going to get it and will give it a run..