With our current feature article focusing on Greasemonkey, no doubt many of you have noticed that the extension doesn’t work with the new Firefox 1.5 Beta 1. A new beta version 0.6.2 of Greasemonkey addresses this, restoring compatibility with the new browser, while adding new features and fixing issues that Greasemonkey caused in relation to Firefox’s new back/forward cache (a.k.a. Fastback).

Kevin Yank Kevin Yank
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  • http://www.dustindiaz.com polvero

    No doubt indeed about the 1.5 incompatibility. I’m sure everyone noticed that just about every other extension doesn’t work either. With that in mind, there are many caveats being a beta tester. After installing FF 1.5 about 10 out of 16 extensions stopped working in my browser. So, one by one, they’re slowly coming back around.

  • Wary

    I installed it, but none of the Scripts I use seems to work!

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