Google has released a long-awaited Firefox version of its toolbar. The toolbar runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

There are some other Google-related extensions for Firefox:

  • Google Sugggest – suggests completion of search terms typed into the Firefox search bar.
  • Send to Phone – sends web pages to mobile phones

For those in the know – you may have already been using the Googlebar – which is not affiliated with Google – and supports Mozilla and Firefox.

Some of my own favorite Firefox extensions:

  • PDF Download – which allows for choice between downloading a PDF or viewing in browser.
  • Web Developer – which we have talked about before on Open Sourcery. A phenomenal tool for any web designer/developer.

  • BerislavLopac

    Web Developer — man you’re right. I don’t leave home without it…

  • kmsiever

    I wish the GMail button on the new toolbar had an indicator to how many new messages are available.

  • EOBeav

    I had been using Googlebar before this. What I like about the new one: Less vertical space, link to Blogger. what I miss: Ability to search other areas of Google (academic, etc…). I don’t see that feature on the new one. All things considered, I’m sure I’ll keep this one.

  • eXplosive

    Looks and works just like the version for IE. The PR bar has changes a little though.

  • ronald_poi

    i’ll try it now, but yes about the web developer extension… damn, firefox should include it by default, it’s amazing!

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