Google Allows Bidding on Print Ads

Matt Mickiewicz

In case you haven’t heard – Google is now allowing AdWords clients to bid on ad space in major automatove, lifestyle and technology magazines including PC World, PC Magazine, Martha Steward Living, and Motor Trend Magazine.

Each publication has three months worth of advertising up for grabs, in quarter page, half-page, and full-page increments. The positioning of the ad page within the magazine, however, is not guaranteed.

The full list of magazines and the bidding form
Print Advertising FAQ

You have until February 24th to place your bids.

This might be a great way to grab some cheap print ad space to promote your business, or as a way to test the effectiveness of print advertising without the usual hassles.

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  • Mr. B

    Interesting. I guess we can expect to see this sort of offering expand. One more step toward becoming an ad agency.

  • Tech2All.Com

    I’ve collected some pictures and write an idea how google can achive offline ads/adwords..

    I don’t know whether anyone write this idea or not. I write the idea by my own. Thanks