They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we’ve got a picture for you that’s worth about ten thousand words. This article presents an overview of Node.js – infographic style. The infographic explains what Node is and shows you exactly how popular the server-side JavaScript framework is. If you still aren’t sold on Node, we’ll tell you why you can’t say no to it.

Loreal Lynch is the marketing manager at Engine Yard, a leading provider of Ruby on Rails hosting, where she produces content about cloud applications and software innovation.

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  • leoman730

    Awesome and informative. Thanks for the graph.

  • Hackeron
  • James Ferguson (@kWIQly)

    Saw this small but awesome nodejs library reads temperatures from a usb sensor
    with five lines of code

    var thermometers=require("temper1");

    var devices=thermometers.getDevices();

    console.log("Devices found:"+devices);

    thermometers.readTemperature(devices[0], function(err, value) {

    – pretty lovely running on a raspberry pi

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