Have you or your business sent out your Holiday or Christmas cards for the year yet??

99designs asked their amazing design community to create several unique and professional cards for the upcoming festive season, and are offering these designs to you completely FREE to download and use!

Simply choose whether you would like a Happy Holidays card or Christmas card design. You can then print them out (or get them professionally printed through our partner, Printing for Less) and then write your own personal messages on them for all you friends, family, business contacts and loved ones. Simple!

The festive season is also all about sharing, so we have two very special offers throughout December that you can see on the card download pages (just scroll down). Both deals will expire as the clock ticks over to 2012 (midnight, December 31 PST). So, be sure to take advantage of them right away… the clock is ticking!

Happy Holidays!

Joel Falconer is the founder of public relations company Methodic Studios and publishes the gaming blog StartFrag. You can follow him on Twitter.

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  • Sara

    Thank you so much. These are awesome !

  • http://www.musings.it Federica

    Thank you for these nice freebies, if you’d like to customize your xmas cards I’ll suggest our little web app: http://www.myxmascard.it it’s completely free! Enjoy!

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