Fun Features to Benefits Quiz


Last week I spent two hours on the phone with a technology entrepreneur who was describing the features and benefits of his latest offering. Like most technology professionals, the features and benefits he mentioned sounded remarkably similar. In fact, they were ALL features. That inspires today’s blog.

Following are a list of common features that many web developers list on their web site. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to convert those features into benefits.

A feature is something you do or have. A benefit is what’s in it for your client. Features are about you. Benefits are about them. As the marketing cliche goes, “People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill. They buy a quarter-inch hole.” So, to successfully market your services, you need to be skillful in converting features into benefits.

Features for you to convert to benefits:
– Ecommerce capabilities

- Turnkey solution

- Fast turnaround time

- Professional

- Experienced

- Award winning

- Worked with other people in this industry

- Expert in Java, PHP, .Net, Open Source, SQL, etc (pick whichever apply to you)

- Partners with off-shore developers

- Proven methodology

- No templates

- Custom design

- Full service

- Simple designs

- We offer hosting

- We provide traffic information and statistics

There are many more, but that’s enough for now. Suggested answers will appear in the next blog, or take a risk and post your own entries here. Best entry will get a free ebook version of my manual.

Extra credit: Once you have a list of benefits, convert them to advantages that you have over your competitors.

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  • seratonin

    - Ecommerce capabilities
    The client can leverage the power of the Internet to reach a global audience in order to sell their goods or

    services online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    - Turnkey solution
    The solution does not take any additional development effort meaning the client can start using it now.

    - Fast turnaround time
    The solution is delivered to the client quickly allowing the client to take advantage of time-sensitive

    market opportunities.

    - Professional
    The client gains respect for the development firm because they handle matters with a high level of


    - Experienced
    The client gains confidence that the skill level and ability of the development firm.

    - Award winning
    The client gains confidence in the solution that they are getting. The client is getting a best-of-breed


    - Worked with other people in this industry
    The client is confident that the development firm will come through because they have domain expertise. The

    client is more comfortable.

    - Expert in Java, PHP, .Net, Open Source, SQL, etc (pick whichever apply to you)

    - Partners with off-shore developers
    The development firm has the ability to ramp up the development team to meet the needs of even the most

    demanding client’s.

    - Proven methodology
    A proven methodology assures a more predictable work flow. Client’s hate when things are unexpected.

    - No templates
    The client is not getting a canned solution.

    - Custom design
    The solution being developed better solves the client’s problems because it has been customized to meet the

    client’s individual needs.

    - Full service
    The client does not have to go to multiple parties to get everything accomplished. One stop shop.

    - Simple designs
    The designs are clean and professional. They get client’s message across. The designs are easier to change

    as the client’s needs change.

    - We offer hosting
    The client doesn’t have to go to a 3rd party to get hosting. The development firm can make changes faster

    because they control the server.

    - We provide traffic information and statistics
    Value-added feature that the client can take advantage of without installing/configuring a separate software

    package from some other party.

  • seratonin

    Forgot one:
    – Expert in Java, PHP, .Net, Open Source, SQL, etc (pick whichever apply to you)
    The client is confident that the development teams knows the right tools for the job and is efficient with these tools.

  • cansnowboard

    Ecommerce capabilities
    Easily use your web site to sell your products and increase your penetration in your target market. Our firm specializes in increasing revenue from your existing product line. We also recommend surveys, polls and discussion boards in combination with your store make it simple for customers to recommend your products to their friends.
    – Turnkey solution
    When you work with us your website is delivered to you on-time and on-budget and completely ready to go. There are no additional change orders needed. Your site is ready to go as if you were buying a new car. Put the key in, turn it and go.
    – Fast turnaround time
    We understand that your business is time sensitive. When you work with us we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time on all requested changes. Your site will always be up to date and busy serving customers. We

  • Octal

    At the risk of sounding over-simplistic; the benefits of those features would be:
    a) help you make more money
    b) help you save money
    c) all of the above
    All cheekiness aside, when reading the replies I got bored and skipped most of it (no offence intended). Now that may well be because I am looking at it out of context (no backup evidence, no buyer’s perspective etc) or maybe it’s because I am of the mentality that if I wanted a 1/4inch hole I’ll go buy a drill with a 1/4inch drill bit! What I am trying to say is, how do you quantify the benefits to *me* of having a benefits list as opposed to (or in addition to) a features list? Especially as a starting web developer with little to no testimonials.

  • aneitlich

    Andrew here, with a stab at Octal’s issues:

    The benefits of using benefits are that you will sell more projects, and be more attractive to prospects than competitors who use only a generic set of features. Of course, combining benefits with unique advantages are even stronger, but we’re isolating one piece of the puzzle here.

    Also, you are right, the examples do boil down to money and time, along with emotional benefits (feel better, more secure, satisfied, look good, etc). However, you have to customize them to your own target market.

    Give it a shot….

  • RockyShark

    I haven’t read any other replies yet (purposefully) so apologies in advance if mine sound similar to anything already posted. Great minds think alike, as they say!
    [li]Ecommerce Capabilities = Generate income directly from your website[/li]
    [li]Turnkey solution = Fast and easy to implement[/li]
    [li]Professional = No risk to you, you’re assured of a quality result[/li]
    [li]Experienced = much the same thought as above, really[/li]
    [li]Award winning = again, same as above. Quality recognised by an independent 3rd party[/li]
    [li]Worked with other people in the industry = (my first reaction is ‘so what’, but if pushed…) You’re getting the best solution based upon our broad industry experience[/li]
    [li]Expert in *whatever* = fast development time, fast turnaround, mistake & error free website[/li]
    [li]Partners with off-shore developers = Cost-effective solutions, save money, better global reach, more potential customers[/li]
    [li]Proven methodology = fast development time, saves money[/li]
    [li]No templates = Your site will be unique, distictly you/your company[/li]
    [li]Custom design = same as above[/li]
    [li]Full service = You don’t need to worry about dealing with different suppliers – convenience of us taking care of everything for you – saves you time and money[/li]
    [li]Simple designs = site will be fast and easy to use – make you more money[/li]
    [li]We offer hosting = same benefit as “Full Service”[/li]
    [li]Traffic info & statistics = know exactly how your site is performing – knowledge is power[/li]