I have a searchform where you can search for properties. Right now it only works if you fill in all the fields. But how would I do if I want to eg leave a field blank and just search the rest, or just search one field and leave the rest blank?

This is the code for the query I have today:

PHP Code:
$sql mysql_query("
FROM property
WHERE (rooms LIKE '%
$room%' OR '$room' = '')
AND (status LIKE '%
$status%' OR '$status' = '')
AND (type LIKE '%
$type%' OR '$type' = '')
AND (adress LIKE '%
$county%' OR '$county' = '')
AND (area LIKE '%
$area%' OR '$area' = '')
AND (price BETWEEN '
$min' AND '$max')
) or die(mysql_error()); 

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you should note that all the fields are select fields, not text fields.