Hello everyone,

I'm looking into getting into web content. I have searched the forum for an hour and could't find an answer to my specific question, just little bits and pieces of info so thought i'd post. What i'm finding hard to figure out is how web content jobs work.

Do people employ web content developers and web designer/developers separately? Would the web content developer work with the web designer in updating the site, what I mean by this is does the web designer just make the site, hand all the details to the content developer, and then the content developer fills it with the content? Or does the content writer have a hand in the design and development of the site and would need a basic knowledge of HTML?

Any help is appreciated as this is an industry i'm keen to get into. I have a background in advertising and basic copy writing with qualifications in photo image capture, and started a writing course to strengthen my writing, this job seems a very interesting step for me.

Many thanks