It seems i waited to the last minute to look into this but thought I would do so and see what comes up.
I am hosting a national conference this weekend for an online community that I run. I have a dedicated server and will most likely have a high speed wireless connection, along with a dial up 56k or two line.
Since we have members that are all over the world, and only a small percentage of them can afford to make it to the conference, I thought it would be nice to let the others listen to the speakers and so on.
I have listened to audio streams & video streams countless times but I never considered setting one up, and now would be an excellent time if it is feasible.

At the conference I will have my high-end laptop (loaded) w/at least dial up access. Will be configuring and setting up a Sprint Wireless "high-speed" card that a friend is going to let me borrow.
I have mics and can buy pretty much anything I may need (hardware wise)

My dedicated server is a P4 2gig with plenty of space, ram and bandwidth.

What I really would like is to have a web page that I can send my members to and access a Real Audio or Windows Media Stream from the conference..

Making this happen is the problem.. Please help if you have a few minutes to explain.

Thank you,