Hi, i'm looking for a book which is simple enough to read but informative as well.
I'm looking for a linux server/networking book which will cover just about everything. Setting up services (email, HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc..), covers intranet, security, troubleshooting, etc (and possibly software/hardware).. I have a bit of background knowledge on networking but not much on Linux.

How do the general Linux books work - do they use RedHat as their main example ? I'll be using SuSE, so maybe a book aimed at just SuSE products would work better.

I've looked at a couple and wondered if anyone had read them and if so, which one you recommend. So far i've 'narrowed it down' to:

1. Building Secure Servers with Linux (Michael D.Burner)
2. SuSE Linux Network (Fred Butzen)
3. SuSE Linux Server
4. Linux Network Servers 24Seven (Craig Hunt) - this book has had rave reviews, but again, i think the examples refer to a RedHat installation.

Anyway if anyone has any recommendations on these books or any others you have read, i would be most grateful.
Thanks in advance