I've been working on a tutorial of sorts. Rather than being verbose explaining where things are, I plan to use screen captures where appropriate. No problem there.
In some cases I figured screencasts would help with showing how things work (copy-paste, clicks, etc.), so I downloaded CamStudio.

I got it working on my machine, and I imagine having a relatively small viewport will help with file weight, but I wonder about some of the option settings.

*I'm not planning on embedding the screencasts, simply linking to the files for others to download and view.
I can save in either avi or swf. Can most view avi files?
What about codec and framerate?
What about audio recording / compression / interleaving?

I have some problem with audio, it's so soft I have to up my volume to hear it clearly, maybe use captions instead?

Anyway, I'm too lazy busy to experiment a lot, and rather than hunt down answers at the apps site I prefer to ask here.
So if any have tips on reducing file weight without totally destroying quality, or pitfalls to avoid so the files aren't useless for some, please share.