Reading the HTML Reference, marquee is not in the deprecated list, but in another area it is mentioned as the "worst element ever!" and that it should not be used. Personally, I like it. But if it is to be deprecated, I know I should move on, but I have a major problem.

I'm not into great web design, I'm not kidding anyone there. But I maintain the old high school class web site that is hosted by a provider that does NOT want any <script></script> tags on the Free web sites they allow us to use. The basic layout is common to all the class sites is the same, but each of us "admins" can customize the site to some degree.

Example: I like to create a slideshow of all the old class mates with birthdays in the same month. AH-h.... new to me is using images in the Marquee, so I've done so. It's cute & different & fairly unique. I run the images in one direction and the text containing the names & dates in the opposite direction. They don't match, but that adds the cuteness to the display.

So, if I'm to deprecate Marquee and can't use <script> or Javascript, or some other script, then what am I to do to get the same type of effect?