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    How to send my form data to 2 different locations using php

    Hello! I was hoping someone could push me in the right direction on how to send my form data to 2 different locations. Here's the scenario: I have a wordpress site that is a paid subscription site. When folks sign up as a member, a wordpress user account is created for their login access. They also give credit card info (which is sent to Paypal, and a Paypal recurring payment profile is created for the user). None of the payment info is stored locally. This is all using a great wordpress membership plugin.

    The issue I'm having is that Paypal will not notify our members if their CC's are about to expire. If the credit card expires mid recurring payment period, it messes up their account and makes them inactive. Kind of a big ordeal when it comes to customer service because we never know until it's already happened and the user is not happy.

    SO, is there a way to send the credit card expiration dates that the user enters before it is sent off to Paypal, and save it to their profile? That way we can set up a notification email a month before their cc expires to warn them and save alot of headaches.

    I'm fairly new at php, familiar but not a pro.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hi pstern105 and welcome to Site Point,

    Firstly you ask for the credit card details before they get to PayPal?

    That to me is the incorrect use of the PayPal API as you should only be sending them there for payment authentication and have them come right back when their payment is confirmed in your system, at no point in time should the user ever need to disclose their details on your site as if a payment fails the API will send back a failed response from the API.

    I would recommend you do some more research around the PayPal API in general as it has all the FAQs you need about getting information for payments and such.


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