I have an interesting layout I am creating and seem to be stumped.

This is the URL: http://www.metalages.com/Evergrey/index4.php

I am dealing with layers and the frame in the middle is an iframe, set up within a layer. I can get the CSS to work across the iframe in IE but can't seem to get it to work in Mozilla 1.1a (I know there's a newer version but I like testing with this one for now).

Any gurus out there that can shed some light on this, or is this just not
doable in Mozilla? I should add, that right now I actually have the
stylesheet linked in the iframe source file itself
http://www.metalages.com/Evergrey/main.php and when I do this, even the text I have as a test in main.php disappears. Mozilla doesnt seem to want to display anything across the iframe once a CSS sheet is attached to the source file. I tried simply having no CSS attached and let it work through the iframe but no go.
Also, I can't seem to get the backgroun image to stay fixed even though I have it set to stay in the CSS, this is for both IE and Mozilla.

Any help appreciated! :-)