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    Do you know where the (database) error is? Add it to the list!

    We want to build the most extensive and comprehensive list of database error messages in existence! Our project may be ambitious but we think that we can achieve it with your help.

    We're not asking for much of your time - if you come across an error while you work (or there is a sticky one that you've come across in the past) just post it in this thread.

    In order to be able to classify all submissions, we need as many details as possible, with special attention to:
    • Database Engine (MySQL, SQLite, etc)
    • Error Code
    • Error Message
    • Error Description
    • Error solution

    If you don’t know the solution, that's cool - post the error anyway and we will do everything in our hands to find an answer. But if you do happen to know the solution, it would be great if you tell us.

    An example:

    "Database Engine: Oracle 11g

    Error Code: SQLState : s1000[oracle][ODBC][ora] Ora 28000

    Error Message: The account is locked

    Error Description:

    The true database error is ORA-28000. The rest of the message is given as the connection to the database was done via a ODBC driver.
    This error message is typically given when a user has tried to log in too many times but did not provided the correct password. The number of tries is specified by the user’s profile parameter FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS.
    It may also be the case that the Database Administrator has closed the account, probably for security reasons. As an example, when the database has been migrated and the old database is not to be used anymore.
    Another possibility is that the password was reseted but an application connecting to the database was not updated with the new password and therefore it locks the account over and over.

    Error Solution:
    If it is a case of too many attempted logins, waiting may solve it. The variable PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME will indicate how long this waiting will take.
    If the database has been migrated to a new server, make sure that your TNSNAMES.ORA does point to the correct server. If you think that you have an additional problem (such as a DSN name solving issue), try to use the server IP address instead of the name of the server.
    If other applications are using the database, make sure the these applications are using the right password and can connect to the database with no issues."

    May the errors be with us!
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