I have setup a small website on my TiBook OS X 10.2.4 Client running apache, php + MySql.

I needed to relpy using (admin@mywebsite.co.uk) to my members by email so I'm using sendmail and php to reply from my site.

When I installed pine it automatically setup my user account's email (ch-boy@mywebsite.co.uk) but I now need to setup pine to receive email for admin,www etc

could anyone please help as I'm totally new to sendmail?

I also now have these error's in my mail log's could this be an error on my part??

Mar 9 21:39:54 titanium-host sendmail[399]: File descriptors missing on startup: stdout, stderr; Bad file descriptor
Mar 9 21:39:54 titanium-host sendmail[399]: gethostbyaddr( failed: 3

here are the url's I used to get sendmail working

Kung-foo tip's - http://www.kung-foo.tv/xtips.php#15
compiling pine on osx - http://downwardspiral.net/macosx/pine.php