I absolutely cannot get this to work. I've tried many different solutions from different decoding in my PHP to using $.post and $.getJSON but I absolutely cannot get my ajax to work. On my main AJAX Page's network it is Requesting Payload "names%5B%5D=John+Doe&names%5B%5D=Jane+Doe&names%5B%5D=Josh+Doe" - which should be fine and dandy. The problem is my PHP Page keeps showing NULL. I've been trying many different things the last few days, any insight would be helpful.

Here's my Javascript - I'm running JQuery 1.7.2

var fullName = ["John Doe", "Jane Doe", "Josh Doe"];

function getList(){
       type: "post", /* the request's method: */
       url:"names.php",    /* the request's location: */
       data: {"names[]": fullName}, /* the request's fields: */
       contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",  /* the request's content-type : */
       dataType:"json", /* the response's content-type: */
       success: function(json){ /* the callback function */
         if(json.length != null){
             $.each(json, function(i, v){
         } else {
and my Simple PHP Page

$names = $_POST['names[]'];
echo json_encode($names);