I have added a line to my code which is designed to insert a word that starts with a lower case. However I cant get the right syntax to match the rest of the insert code I have. Can anyone advise how I should set this line out. My brain is fried and I just cant get it to work.

	$usertypelink = '".str_replace(' ', '-',strtolower($_POST['usertype']))."',

The code is 4th line down.

    if(isset($_POST['registerSubmit']) && $_POST['registerSubmit'] == 'true'){
	$usertype = ($_POST['usertype']);  
	$usertypelink = '".str_replace(' ', '-',strtolower($_POST['usertype']))."',
		$activationcode = ($uniquecode);   
    $firstname = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['firstname']));
    $surname = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['surname']));
        $registerEmail = trim($_POST['email']);   
		$logo = ('defaultimage.png');   
		$logo1 = ('defaultimage.png'); 
		$logo2 = ('defaultimage.png'); 
		$logo3 = ('defaultimage.png'); 		
        $registerPassword = trim($_POST['password']);  
        $registerConfirmPassword  = trim($_POST['confirmPassword']);  
    if(!isset($firstname) || empty($firstname)) {
        $errors['firstname'] = "Please enter your First Name.";
	if(!isset($surname) || empty($surname)) {
        $errors['surname'] = "Please enter your Surname.";