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    Facebook marketing - what to do...

    Hi ya

    We are tossing up whether to advertise on FB through placing a sponsored post. The product is not actually part of our FB page so therefore we cannot create a FB ad. (please correct me if I am wrong).
    We have a separate website for the product <snip /> and we would like to get more exposure for this website.

    Facebook came to mind. Our audience ages range from 18-60 years.

    I have read pros and conds regarding paying for a 'sponsored post' and how it is modeled. We only have 200 likes on our page and I wondered whether you think this is a sufficient number to try a sponsored post.

    Alternatively, we could create another category (tab) on our Facebook page but I'm not sure whether we can promote just a category of a FB page or whether we are required by FB to advertise a full FB page.

    I'd be grateful for your advice.

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