I am VERY new to website design.

I would like to prevent someone from bookmarking our property records search pages, so that they HAVE to go through our disclaimer page in order to perform a search.

Here is what I would like to do (found this on another thread). I would like to use a server side languange like PHP to create a cookie or authenticate a user so that the server detects whether or not a persona has accessed the disclaimer page before trying to get into the search page.

For example, I would like to code a cookie on the search page . This cookie would detect whether a user went to the disclaimer page before accessing the search page. If not, the cookie will send the user back to the disclaimer page. if the user DOES go to the disclaimer page first, then the cookie lets the user use the search page.

I hope someone can help me with this in SIMPLE terms, remember I am new to website design, so PLEASE be gentle with me !