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    Need help implementing an idea


    I've moved this post into its own thread, as it really is a separate topic.

    This was split from! (so reading that thread may help)


    i was working on this website, where teachers can publish students' plan is to let the teacher open the mysql table and update the column "marks" for each "username" of id "id"... and anytime the marks are updated, each student gets an email... is my logic right? and is there any other way i can go about this??

    2. regarding the emailing part, i have just conjured the idea, but i dont have much idea on how to implement it... could you please give me some hints or tell me of some code?

    i know i've disturbed you for almost a week now, but this is kind of the last issues i am on, and then i ll be taking a very long break... my sincerest gratitude to you...
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