I'm still not satisfied with the CSS that I'm using to align the nav table and keep the footer at
the bottom of the page. But here I'm going to have to change the dropdown menu, esp., one
item due to the menu hiding behind one of my advertisements.

The main problem I'm having with the page is that some of the functions, such as, "Search"
and "Automatic Notification" are not centered as they were originally. Also, the categories
have too much space between them. Originally they were okay, but by playing with the
nav table I have changed some of the other parts of the site. I am not knowledgeable
about CSS at all, but have been borrowing from other sites to stretch my nav table and
keep the footer at the bottom. But in doing this it has changed some of the other things.
Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my site: http://nationwidefreeclassifieds.com