I installed this guestbook PHP script on mysite, on http://www.f2s.com. I chmoded the files correctly. There is a vars.php3 script which has information on colors, fonts, etc. On each php file, it has "require ("vars.php3");" at the top. I went to all of the scripts, http://www.dmcjr.f2s.com/guestbook/guest.php3 At the top, it says "Parse error: parse error in /web/sites/277/airlinedev/www.dmcjr.f2s.com/guestbook/vars.php3 on line 12". I checked vars.php3's line 12, and it read's "$data = 'guestbook.dat';" I have the guestbook.dat in the same folder, and it's chmoded to 777.

Does anyone know what wrong? Thanks! :-)