Hello everyone,

I have a question as to how to assign values to PHP variables after they are passed from the jQuery Ajax call, particularly through the data: specification. This is what the .ajax() call looks like:

$("#submissionform form").submit(function(e){
			var origEmail = $('#go').val();
			var confirmEmail = $("#confirmemail").val();
			var name = $("#name").val();
			var age = $("#age").val();
			var country = $("#country").val();
			  type: "POST",
			  dataType: 'json',
			  cache: false,
			  url: "Scripts/confirmform.php",
			  data: { origEmail: origEmail,
			        confirmEmail: confirmEmail,
					name: name,
					age: age,
					country: country },
			  success: function(data){
I want to be able to receive those parameters into the PHP script for all the values into the following PHP script (filename: confirmform.php).

PHP Code:
= new CheckForm;
$instance -> checkSubmission();
        public function 
$response = array("validation" => " ""message" => " ");    
            if (
$_POST['country'] != "Select Country")
                if (isset(
$_POST['confirmemail']) && isset($_POST['name']))
$origEmail $_GET['go'];
$confirmEmail $_POST['confirmemail'];
                    if (
$origEmail == $confirmEmail)
$name htmlspecialchars($_POST['name']);
$ageRange $_POST['age'];
$country $_POST['country'];
$dbWriter = new DatabaseWriter;
$dbWriter -> writeUserToDatabase($confirmEmail$name$ageRange$country$category);
$response = array("validation" => "pass""message" => 'Thanks for joining the e-mail list, ' $name ', under the e-mail address, ' $confirmEmail '.');
                    } else {
$response = array("validation" => "fail""message" => 'E-mail addresses don\'t match.');
                } else {
                    if (!isset(
$response = array("validation" => "fail""message" => 'Confirmation e-mail not entered.');
                    } elseif (!isset(
$_POST['name'])) {    
$response = array("validation" => "fail""message" => 'Please enter a name.');
            } else {
$response = array("validation" => "fail""message" => 'Please select a country.');
Maybe the solution is to use the "this" keyword or I don't know if a constructor is the right way.

For other info, this will process a second confirmation form that is activated after another form has received a valid e-mail address submission. I want to pass that value along to compare it with the "confirmation" e-mail address, but I don't have access to that data anymore as I am seeing the following error that relates to the first form data that I am trying to use the $_GET server variable to receive into this form- it doesn't like me trying to fetch the first form data again with $_GET.

Notice: Undefined index: go in C:\xampp\htdocs\Scripts\confirmform.php on line 14