an interesting issue i'm having with Netscape 7. in the header on the test page i have labels for the two form elements. as they're mostly there for accessibility, and not for "visual consumption", i've set the style so that they shouldn't display with the following

#header label {
	display: none;	
	color: #fff; 
	font-weight: bold;
(where header is the id of the div containing the...aeh...header)

now, this works in IE5.5, phoenix 0.5, mozilla 1.3b and, i think, opera 7...but Netscape 7 happily displays these as if the display: none wasn't there.

the weird thing is, N7 sees the color and font-weight attributes i added as a "visual fix" it does understand that #header label should affect theses particular why is it just ignoring the display attribute ?