I have a spreadsheet with four columns (title, director, premiere date, and availability) and 2,400 rows so far. I call it an "index of films in print" and my goal is to index every film in print. I would like to make it available on the internet as a web page(s). I don't want a separate web page for each entry but rather want it to work like my spreadsheet does, i.e. I can sort all the data by one of the four columns (I think the results would have to be broken into a number of pages or it would take a long time to load if I ended up with something like 50,000 rows of data). I was able to achieve this with my spreadsheet by saving it in another format and uploading to my website but I was limited in the number or rows the file could contain (I use libreoffice). Someone suggested that I import my spreadsheet into MySQL, which I have done but my understanding is that databases are used to generate lists of web pages or websites like when you do a google search. Can anyone please let me know if what I'm trying to do is possible and point me in the right direction?