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    cant connect to IIS

    hi, dono whether is this the correct forum to post in...
    my iis got some problem. i can't even access to it.
    my pc is ok, i use iis and php to do coding, then i was on leave for a week, then come back i can't run my php scripts.
    then i found out is actually the IIS problem. when i type localhost or, it's says page not found...
    when i click the internet services manager it prompts error says:
    error connecting to ruohui:
    the filename, the directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    do you wish to continue the attempt to connect it in the future.
    i did try to reinstall back IIS but same problem appears. what's wrong? is it because the administrator change my computer name so tat i cannot access my IIS??
    pls help. thank you.

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    "" or "localhost" will always point to your local pc, no matter what NETBIOS name you've given it (e.g. "JoycePC"). I suggest uninstalling & reinstalling IIS, which will ensure that the correct services are up & running.
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