I started by asking this in the CSS forum but I think I may be going about this the wrong way.
I have developed an app that manages students courses.

Part of this app is that once the student completes the course, the admin has to print a certification card for the student.
The certification card is on a preprinted sheet that gets fed through the printer.
Has space for student name, instructor name, card valid date, training location, etc.

I have created a section of the PHP site called "Card printing" and in this section the admin selects the students that he wants to print cards for and clicks "print"
form there I am lost on what to do.
It needs to create a card for each student, export it to PDF or .doc file and then align perfectly with the preprinted cards.
What is the recommended way of doing this? If i am going to PDF do I still need to create a print CSS? Any way PHP can handle something like this?