Hi all,
I'm struggling to find the right verbiage to use to research a solution for my situation.

I work for a company that has multiple websites and I alone take care of all our sites. Though there is a fair amount of overlap to the content of these sites, each site has been it's own unique entity (custom built CMS, Joomla, static sites and more). It's horribly inefficient when I update a document and have to upload it to 9 different sites.

I'm trying to devise a strategy or system by which images and documents (PDFs mostly) are in a shared space that feeds all the sites. But also the possibility that as we go forward we could have 1 Central Repository for files that has 1 "Engine" that drives it and it feeds to several sites.

I'm not sure if there is a name for such a setup nor what the pros and cons of it would be.
Would love to hear some thoughts on this, some proper terminology that I'm lacking and your thoughts as to it being a custom build or whether their may be a CMS or something out there that might accomplish what we need.

Thanks you for your feedback!