can someone help the prob is this is part of my script the script sends to a data base ok but send all the products_id ok but the products_model code are the same

products_id products_model
12796 0 bb2018
12805 0 bb2018
13719 0 bb2018

this i part of the xml file this to show the stucher

Code XML:
<CREATED value="Fri Feb 22 1:01:02 GMT 2013">
<CATEGORY id="442" name=" > test">
<PRODUCT ITEM="12796">
Code PHP:
foreach($xml->xpath('//PRODUCT/@ITEM') as $productitemid){
foreach($xml->CREATED->CATEGORY->PRODUCT as $product)
mysql_query("INSERT INTO products (products_id,products_model) VALUES ('$productitemid','$product')");