I am finding it extremely difficult to install PHP, APACHE and MySQL. I have googled and read some how-to articles (still doing that), but am still stuck.
i first went to their respective websites and downloaded the suitable versions. I have a 32 bit, windows 7 Operating System. I did not find the setup file (setup.exe) in any of the downloads. Then i read somewhere that i should start with MySQL, then APAChe and then PHP (instead of PHP first). I needed to first download Windows MySQL Installer. When i tried running the WMI, it wouldn't work, because it said i need a .NET framework for that to work.
Through turn windows on off feature i figured the .NET version 3 (something) wasn't enabled, so i enabled that. Restarted my system, and tried the Windows MYSQL Installer again. Still it did not work, as it said i need version 4, instead i have version 3. (ok what was my question!)

so 1) Do i need to set up a .NET 4 framework first? Is there any other way to install MySQL ?
2) why is there no setup file in any of the downloads?
3) i figure the manual configuration is extremely complicated. could someone guide me, who has successfully been able to install and run all of these mentioned above? I will be very thankful!