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    Hi there. I'M currently doing an Information Technology diploma and I've got an assignment that is due in few days, and I'm strugling. Can anyone who knows anything about e-commerce please help me.

    Here are the questions for the assignment:

    N.B. All the answers to these questions must be based on the on the information from one company.

    The name of the company that you know that uses e-commerce.

    The advantages and disadvantages of using e-commerce.

    Software and Hardware requirements.

    Network Security Solutions.

    type of payments used.

    thanking you in advance.

    Mr Godfrey Mthombeni
    Computer Programmer

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    Your not in Australia are ya?? If so I've done tha same sorta of paper a while ago


    The answer for which company uses e-commerce?
    Well any and every company that is respectable uses ecommerce now a days, from flower shops to microsoft, so take your pick.

    Advantages? Easy for the company and for the customer, less overhead dealing with the customer them selves, less time spent on phones, easyest way to accept money, full or nearly full automation of ordering, invoiceing and warranties (depending on how the system was implemented)

    Disadvantages? Customer mistrust of ecommerce system (so they won't use it)not to many people like that anymore but still some around, the catalogue has to be maintained as would any companies pricelist anyway, It's not "If you build it, they will come" as with any business you have to promote your site, which takes time and of course time cost money.

    Software and hardware needs? (THis is to host the site)any server platform, NT/WIn2K with IIs For ASP hosted sites, Unix/Linux for PhP, JSP should go on either, ASP can be put on a unix/linux host (I wouldnt suggest it), If your running Cold Fusion you need a COld Fusion Server which is available for both platforms.

    To develop it? any machine fast enough to handle what you want, pref PII+ can be slower ofcourse, software to do it, afew out of the hundreds, SQL Server for MS SQL databases, MySql for unix SQL databases. You can use any database really, access, oracle etc etc.

    Most laguages can be coded on note pad if you want. or Dreamweaver ultradev, MS Visual Interdev are very popular but expansive, for COld fusion pages get Allaire Cold Fusion Studio and the list goes on.

    Phewww ok gotta take a brak

    Most popular and widly used would have to be SSL (Secure Socket Layer)which uses certificates to secure your site, uses HTTPS instead of HTTP, find out about certificates @ there are also companies that already have a payment system installed so you can refer your checkout link to them and secure payments are then made into your account. Both Co$t

    Types of payments? Usualy Credit Card & COD or some even offer accounts. ofcourse some companies have other forms of payment.


    Ok hope this has helped you, If you need anything else just email me, email is in my profile.


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