Hi guys,

I'm going in to my 3rd year at university next year and will be using Java for web development. I've finished up this year early and I'm looking to get a head start on on next year (yeah, I know, I'm a swot). Can anyone recommend any books or resources for learning Java web development? I'm a complete Java newb but I've spent this year programming in C# so it should be a relatively easy transition (I hope!).

I've previously bought books from the Head First series and think they are fantastic. I noticed they have Servlets * JSP, Second Edition but it uses J2EE 1.5 and the current version is J2EE 6 (soon to be J2EE 7). Is this book too out-dated or are the fundamentals the same that I can use it?

Can anyone recommend any more updated alternatives?

Thanks in advance,