To see the problem go to:

As you can see, the h4 block is currently attached to the left margin as would be expected. What I WANT it to do is overflow on BOTH sides making it look like the word is floating above the box in a sense but still aligned centrally to it. I can get this effect by making a class with a left property of -(however many pxls) but I want to be able to accomplish this for all h4 without having to specify custom class settings of which there would be several because I'm going to have other boxes with other headings of various lengths.

Also, sort of related to the previous quesiton is if you can make inline content "attached" to the right margin. Alignment doesn't seem to really be the same because I've tried to right align text to a box that was too small and it still aligned itself to the left margin spilling outside past the right border (as in example). Only if there was enough room in the containing object would it right justify.