Hello everyone,
I got a question and I hope I'm asking in the right section.
I need to put a button in a page that can switch between two audio clips. Something like that buttons that allow you to switch between image A and image B, and if you click again, it turns again to image A. Same, but with two mp3.

With this code I can start/stop both clips in the same time:

<audio id="audio1" src="sound1.mp3"></audio>
<audio id="audio2" src="sound2.mp3"></audio>
<button onclick="document.getElementById('audio1').play();document.getElementById
<button onclick="document.getElementById('audio1').pause();document.getElementById


Now I need to add a button that switches the "mute" alternatively between the first and the second clip.

Do you think I can find some code like this around, or I'm supposed to develop by myself? Can you help me?
Thank you in advance!