I am having big problems trying to move my 560Mb vBulletin database to a new shared host. The hosting company does not support Shell access for security reasons so i tried to use bigdump to upload the .sql file to a new database on the new host. Bigdump gives me an error when i try to upload:

At this place the current query includes more than 300 dump lines. That can happen if your dump file was created by some tool which doesn't place a semicolon followed by a linebreak at the end of each query, or if your dump contains extended inserts or very long procedure definitions. Please read the BigDump usage notes for more infos. Ask for our support services in order to handle dump files containing extended inserts.
Does anyone know how to turn off extended inserts or deal with long procedure definitions in phpMyAdmin? Im hoping this will finally get it sorted but the whole process of uploaded the .sql file to a server takes about 4 hours so its a laborious task