EDIT: I'm refering to META TAG keywords, titles, and descriptions.

Is this possible with PHP or any other way?

- I am a rookie users of PHP.
- My site is small and static (but I have plan for more sites)
- I know simple includes ( like for navigation and footer.)
- I can put in dates etc. with PHP.

Opening each page separately to edit titles, keywords, and description is getting tedious.
Each page has unique keywords, titles, and descriptions. They're not all the same.

Can one php file (like: group_keywords.php) hold all of my page's keywords together in one place?

If yes, could it also hold descriptions and title in that same group file? (like: group_KeyDesTitle.php)?

How would I then call it on the individual pages? PageOne, PageTwo, and PageThree would all be calling to group_keywords.php - something must tell it what to seek on that page, right?

If not through PHP, is there some other way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

(I'm only smart enough to dream up something screwy, then promptly mess it up, when it comes to code. It's safer for the world when I knit instead.)