Hi there,
I have three tables products(id,abc,xyz,etc...)

I have 2 already create and populated tables and one new table prices

i need to load the values of prices.ref from the product_descriptions.description
such that the value of prices.ref is a substring that can be obtained using the result of query
SELECT SUBSTRING( description, INSTR( description, 'Ref' ) +4 ) , description
FROM product_descriptions
WHERE description LIKE '%Ref%'
LIMIT 0 , 30

and I also need to load the corresponding product_id for the description from which the prices.ref is derived as the product_id of price...

Can anyone help me with this issue...

currently prices table has no values , i need to populate both ref and their corresponding product_ids

prices.ref is an integer and product_descriptions.description is mediumtext

PS: I know the tables are not normalized , but I am still required to do it this way...