It is February 21, 2013, and I still have not received my balance from (Certo Business Solutions). They closed by August 2012. I do not know if other affiliates have received their last payment or not.

There was problems with a previous payment also with (Certo Business Solutions). I normally received payments via Bank transfer, but I changed payment type to PayPal. The next payment I received from a company called Certo Business Solutions via Paypal, but I did not know who Certo Business Solutions were at the time. So, I email and called their international number; they never replied back. So, I refunded the money back and asked them to contact me. They never replied! Later, I realized it was, and they still did not reply to any of my emails and their US number is out of service. I even sent a request payment via Paypal explaining the situation; they simply canceled without contacting me with any explanation. So, they owe me two payments! I contacted these emails:,,, with no reply. When I was an affiliate with,, and; I was making upwards of 5 figures a month at one time. The amount they owe me now is much smaller, but still significant. The point is it is important for merchants and affiliate networks to always pay their affiliates and partners on time every time!
Anybody know the full name of the owner of and Certo Business Solutions, and what kind of protections do affiliates have in cases similiar to this? If none, all affiliates should immediately find a way to provide their own products and services!