I've recently launched Priced Right Brands to market generic refills of Braun Clean & Renew cartridges. I'm getting a surprisingly low level of conversions.

The first problem is that people are not starting the purchase process. This is a surprise given the high value of the product. Most of my traffic is driven by search, but this especially hurts for traffic driven by Adwords. Suggestions on improving 'Add to cart' activity would be appreciated.

The second problem is a high percentage of abandoned carts. This is not surprising because the shipping cost can be high and I have obtained feedback that is an issue. There's not much I can do about shipping costs. My rates are highly discounted UPS rates, which are better than I can get from USPS and Fedex and I'm already subsidizing the cost. I am considering raising the price a little and subsidize the shipping even more so the ratio of price to shipping will be better. Does anyone think that will help? Any other suggestions for dealing with the shipping issue would be appreciated.