It appears that many are cashing in on app development, charging thousands if not hundreds of thousands on something relavively easy to create, simply because there is a gap in the market. Currently those asking for apps are big conglomerate companies, smaller business don't ask for them as much, and if they did they would likely run away due to their pricing.

Reminds me of the .COM boom, where many spent hundreds of thousands on web pages thinking they will become the next big thing, we all know what happened there. Now most 'normal' medium to small businesses would prefer to spend a couple of hundred than a couple of thousands. Big companies would be more inclined to spend the thousands, then again they would want much more. In the very end they get what they paid for.

This huge market gap in app development skills has allowed app developers to charge what they like, passing down those crazy figures to the end consumers.

How will the nature of mobile development change, as more and more app developers flood the market? Will wee see more budget mobile apps being created to accomodate for those smaller business? Will more and more big companies hire inhouse app development team to avoid paying those crazy prices.

PS: I recently heard of companies charging up to 10,000EUR for 3 days work on app development, which sparked this thread off.