I am using the below jQuery to show and hide a DIVs based which radiobutton is clicked (Page1). When the user continues to the next page and then uses their back button to return to the Page1, there radiobutton they selected is still selected, however the DIV related to that radiobutton selection is not. How do I set up thepage to have the div related to the radiobutton select persist when the back button is used?

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
$("#firstClick").click(function() {

$("#secondClick").click(function() {
<input name="radio" type="radio" id="firstClick" value="radio" checked="checked" />
<input name="radio" type="radio" id="secondClick" value="radio"/>

<div id="first">Hello 1st div</div>
<div id="second" style="display:none">Hola 2nd div, adios First</div>
Thanks everyone!!!