Hello everyone,

When a contact form has been sent, a second form comes up on my website. I am attempting to set it up so that after the e-mail is sent on the first form, the 2nd form will come up while the rest of the page is made inactive by making use of the jQuery BlockUI plugin. The way I'm going to need to do this is to target the entire container div for the blocking of element activity, and I haven't figured out why I'm not able to see the 2nd form when it is placed outside of the container. The other part of this is tweaking the call to the blockUI() method so that white boxes don't appear after it executes as well as getting rid of the default "Please Wait..." message and disabling the hourglass/working status that a user's mouse would show when it is hovering over the blocked content (as if something is loading when nothing else will change on the page). Hopefully someone knows how to tweak this so that I can achieve what I want. I will pop on over to the CSS forum and see if someone can help me figure out how I can see the 2nd form/other content when it is placed outside of the container div.

Screenshot of what it looks like

function showResult(response){
	if (response.indexOf("Submission Successful") != -1){
		$("#middle").block({css: {backgroundColor: '#E0EBEB'}});
		$("#leftside").block({css: {backgroundColor: '#E0EBEB'}});
		$("#rightside").block({css: {backgroundColor: '#E0EBEB'}});
	} else if (response.indexOf("Invalid E-mail") != -1){
	} else if (response.indexOf("Nothing in Box") != -1){
	} else {
		//do nothing
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