I need a little help to choose the best domain-name since im a bit unused to the international market (im from Sweden). Im gonna set up a tourist-oriented site with info about the city of "La Rochelle". This page is designed to appeal to international visitors, mainly British and Americans but also others in most of EU.

a .com-domain would ofcourse be the best, but sorry to say thats not an option. So I have these as options to choose from:


I understand that holiday/holidays is the common term in England while vacation/vacations is the U.S. equivalent (unsure about the rest of the EU though). If I was only targeting visitors from England I would probably go with the first option, but the question is if co.uk is better then .eu in general or only in England. Im also not sure which variant of the word (ending with or without S) is most correct to use.

Id appreciate any input from both American and English people or webmasters used to working towards both markets.

PS: Never mind the city La Rochelle, it was just as an example because it is a popular destination for British and internationals.