Hey guys,

The problem I have having is that when I embed video into my Wordpress page it messes up the page when viewed in a iPhone browser.

I suspect you would be able to replicate this issue if you have an iPod touch.

Here is a video explaining the issue in more detail - http://screencast.com/t/4kfV4oaav

Here are links to the pages shown in the video:
http://easyappspro.com/offer/testing/ (Wordpress page I am having the issue with on a mobile browser)
http://vidhost.evsuite.com/testing/ (Same video embed code and having no mobile issues)

Please note: I do not want to change the way the video is embedded into the page. I do not want to use a different video hosting service. I know (and by know, I mean think) this can work by adding some CSS to my page. Thanks for you help.